Andrew’s Big News


At the end of December, I will leave Headlong Dance Theater. It’s time for me to pursue work other than making dances.

Big news. For me and for the company.

Headlong has been my family for two decades. My work, my home, and my dearest friends. It has been a joy to partner with Amy and David in our never-ending quest to reimagine what’s possible for bodies, for performance, for Philadelphia, and for all of us messy, complicated humans. This work has made me who I am.

The urges for work I have now don’t fit easily in the world of performance. And the toil of keeping a dance company afloat has come to weigh heavily on my body and my spirit. So I will move on. I don’t know exactly what I will be doing, but I think of it as doing my same mission in a different field. Same purpose, different tactics. (Some things I’m interested in: writing, economic development, community development, anti-poverty work, and generally what happens when messy, complicated humans meet systems.)

David and Amy are moving forward, imagining Headlong with two Co-Directors, not three. They will continue collaborating, making new work, teaching, and doing community work. I’m sure they will treasure your thoughts and support (sent directly or telepathically) as they invent the future.

We have always tried to merge the biggest, most outrageous, most utopian thinking with a clear-eyed view of the practical world of timelines and people and budgets. I treasure this Utopian Pragmatism. I will embody it as I walk new pathways.

with love and gratitude,