Headlong hosts a variety of community gatherings, from meetings to marches.  For example, we’ve hosted the feminist community group the Awesome Lady Squad; Dancing for Justice Philadelphia’s marches and an Undoing Racism workshop (DFJ is a dance community response to the Black Lives Matter movement); and an LGBTQ doula training.  Please contactEva at if your organization is interested in using our space.

Artist Tax Prep

Headlong Co-Director Amy Smith has been doing tax preparation for artists for more than 13 years.  Her tax prep team now serves over two hundred artists annually.  Amy also teaches tax workshops for artists at the Corzo Center, the Leeway Foundation, Cultureworks, and at other places.  Tax prep is not an official program of Headlong, but it does overlap with our mission of providing financial advice and strategic planning to other artists in the community.  Please contact Amy at for more information.

Financial Literacy

Headlong Co-Director Amy Smith teaches Financial Literacy for Artists through Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program and in other settings (colleges and universities, service organizations and foundations).   Topics include budgeting, valuing your time, negotiating for fair pay, taxes, debt management, long term saving, and alternative economic models.  Please contact Amy at for more information.