Headlong Performance Institute

Now in its 12th year, the Headlong Performance Institute has grown into a supported residency for working artists at Headlong studios in South Philadelphia. Artists embark on a 14-week journey of creating individual practice and process for making and developing performance. The program focuses on methods of research for developing performance worlds and languages that are unique to each makers body, mind, and spirit. Individual processes are nurtured so that we can learn from each other’s insights and discoveries, and collaboration is nurtured so that a work can be larger than any one person while containing the multiplicity of the world. HPI convenes “communities of inquiry” around your work every week so that it blossoms over time, leading you from the known to the unknown.


Artist Tax Prep

Headlong Co-Founder Emeritus Amy Smith has been doing tax preparation for artists for more than 13 years.  Her tax prep team now serves over two hundred artists annually.  Amy also teaches tax workshops for artists at the Corzo Center, the Leeway Foundation, Cultureworks, and at other places.  Tax prep is not an official program of Headlong, but it does overlap with our mission of providing financial advice and strategic planning to other artists in the community.  Please contact Amy at amy@headlong.com for more information.

Financial Literacy

Headlong Co-Founder Emeritus Amy Smith teaches Financial Literacy for Artists through Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program and in other settings (colleges and universities, service organizations and foundations).   Topics include budgeting, valuing your time, negotiating for fair pay, taxes, debt management, long term saving, and alternative economic models.  Please contact Amy at amy@headlong.com for more information.