Cell (2006) is a performance journey for one audience member at a time. A dispatcher leads the audience member on a mission through city streets and abandoned buildings. Who is part of the performance? Why is everyone always on their phone? Am I being watched? Headlong collaborated with technology artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, to create an experience that is sometimes paranoia-inducing, sometimes warm and fuzzy, and always intense. The journey ends with the audience member engulfed in a private dance that is all their own. Premiered Philadelphia Live Arts Festival. 60 minutes.

Press For Cell

“CELL proposed a bigger idea than self-realization or enrichment. It projected the participants into a much bigger framework, a global universe in fact, one that’s highly ambiguous in its demands.” –Hudson Review  [MORE](downloadable PDF)


“Like the ringing in your ears after a rock concert, Cell stays with you, pulsing just below the surface of things.” –New Haven Independent  [MORE]


“CELL is unlike and Arts & Ideas performance you’ve ever been to; heck, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever done in your life.” –New Haven Register [MORE]


“Capering across cobblestones, whirling down a street in a wheeled office chair and swinging around a lamppost are not for everyone.” –New York Times [MORE]


“Quite possibly the most original work in the [Live Arts] festival’s 10-year history…” –Philadelphia Weekly [MORE]


NPR’s Weekend America, Sept. 2006 – MP3 (09:01, 10.3 MB)


WHYY Preview, Sept. 2006 – MP3 (01:16, 1.46 MB)