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  • temple contemporary, suit-pod, silence, headlong, visual art, philadelphia, david brick, dance performance, contemplation
  • suit-pod, silence, temple contemporary

Welcome to the Suit-pod.

David’s new “silence” at Temple Contemporary
Hello, welcome. Please come in, slip your body into the suit-pod. Take your shoes off and enter. Getting in is the hard part, once inside it is more spacious than it appears!  In fact, the suit-pod is all about the experience of space.  And concentrating on your senses to pay attention to the world as it is.  
Slip into the Suit-pod:

Through November 23rd, Wednesday – Saturday, 11 – 6pm
Temple Contemporary Gallery
2001 North 13th Street (entrance on Norris btw 12th and 13th)
Philadelphia, PA 19122

I call the Suit-pod, a silence in three senses. It’s an installation at Temple Contemporary the gallery of the Tyler School for Art. This year they commissioned me to make “a silence” for an ongoing series.

This project belongs to a series of examinations into performance as interactive experience, emptiness, and the act of contemplation within time-based structures. Making “a silence” naturally brings to mind John Cage’s perfect performance gesture of silence in his 1952 composition 4’33”. As described by scholar Jacquelynn Baas, “Four minutes and thirty-three seconds was the length of time pianist David Tudor did not play the piano. The piece ‘sounds like’ the world: the ambient sounds of wherever it is performed become the music for that length of time.”

The Suit-pod is a silence in three senses in the way that 4’33” is a silence that frames attention to the world as it is happening. This suit-pod is the first of five planned pods that take the pod-sitter on an experiential journey heightening senses and attention to the world as it is. In the complete pod set, the experiencer is invited to spend 4 minutes and 33 seconds in each of a series of five, increasingly minimal pods, the last “pod” being nothing more than a cushion on the floor.

This, the first pod in the series, completely encapsulates the sitter and focuses on hearing, sight and kinesthesia for a simultaneous experience of 3 distinct, nested spaces: the tight, enclosed space of the suit-pod, the visual experience of the gallery space viewed anonymously through one-way glass, and a live sound feed into the suit-pod of the ambient sounds from the outdoor space surrounding the gallery.

Come visit the Suit-pod sometime in the next two weeks during the gallery hours and let me know what you think. And please join me at the gallery on November 23 between 4pm and 6pm for the final hours of the Suit-pod at Temple Contemporary. You can experience the pod, the other works in the gallery and chat. I would love to see you.

A Luminous Sensation of Space.
No particular background is necessary for this workshop on attention, perception, a heightened experience of space as material and observation of the ordinary.
At Temple Contemporary on Saturday, November 23, 2 – 4pm. Free. 

Yours, David